BoneTypeEx Class (KinectEx)

A class that contains values for each "bone" in a Kinect Body. The class can be used statically in much the same way as an enum. However, each value contains useful information about the bone. The class also allows for easy enumeration of bones.

Namespace: KinectEx
Assembly: KinectEx (KinectEx.dll
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public class BoneTypeEx

Syntax for VB is not yet implemented.

Syntax for C++ is not yet implemented

type public BoneTypeEx = class end

The BoneTypeEx type exposes the following members.

  Platforms Name Description
  Platforms Name Description
AllBones A list containing all of the bones in the body, including "fake" ones like HipFull and ShoulderFull. 
ArmLowerLeft Gets the arm lower left. 
ArmLowerRight Gets the arm lower right. 
ArmUpperLeft Gets the arm upper left. 
ArmUpperRight Gets the arm upper right. 
ByName A convenient means of mapping a bone's string name to the actual BoneTypeEx value. 
DisplayName A friendlier display name for the bone. 
DrawnBones A list containing all of the bones in a body that should be drawn when displaying a skeleton. Effectively all bones excluding the "fake" ones. 
EndJoint The ending joint of hte bone. 
FootLeft Gets the foot left. 
FootRight Gets the foot right. 
HandLeft Gets the hand left. 
HandRight Gets the hand right. 
Head Gets the head. 
HipFull Gets the hip full. 
HipLeft Gets the hip left. 
HipRight Gets the hip right. 
LegLowerLeft Gets the leg lower left. 
LegLowerRight Gets the leg lower right. 
LegUpperLeft Gets the leg upper left. 
LegUpperRight Gets the leg upper right. 
Name A short name for the bone (matches the static/enumerated name). 
ShoulderFull Gets the shoulder full. 
ShoulderLeft Gets the shoulder left. 
ShoulderRight Gets the shoulder right. 
SpineLower Gets the spine lower. 
SpineUpper Gets the spine upper. 
StartJoint The starting joint of the bone. 
  Platforms Name Description
Equals Determines whether the specified System.Object, is equal to this instance. (Overrides object.Equals().)
GetHashCode Returns a hash code for this instance. (Overrides object.GetHashCode().)
ToString Returns a System.String that represents this instance. (Overrides object.ToString().)
  Platforms Name Description
Implicit Performs an implicit conversion from System.String to BoneTypeEx
Supported in:

 Windows Desktop - .NET 4.5
 Windows Desktop - .NET 4.5 (without Kinect SDK)
 Windows 8.1 Store - WinRT
 Windows 8.1 Store - WinRT (without Kinect SDK)
 Windows Phone 8 - WinRT